Alt-right & white nationalist movements

The United States is still battling a scourge of racism and fascism within the country. While White Nationalism has been around long before President Trump was elected, the surge of rallies and protests held by the far-right and White Nationalist groups exploded after the 2016 election. These rallies were regularly met with counter-protests made up of local residents as well as anti-fascist activists.

The term 'alt-right' was coined as a way of making White Nationalist viewpoints more palatable to a wider and younger conservative audience as an alternative to traditional Conservatism. Many embraced the term early on, only to shed it when associating with the alt-right became controversial and abhorrent. While many within these groups purportedly rallied around the First Amendment, others made it clear they did not actually believe in free speech, but saw it as a way to gain prominence.

April 2017 - Alt-Right "Free Speech" Rally - Berkeley, CA
August 2017 - Unite the Right Rally - Charlottesville, VA
October 2017 - White Lives Matter Rally - Shelbyville, TN
April 2018 - Neo-Nazi Rally - Newnan, GA
August 2018 - Patriot Prayer Rally - Portland, OR
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Berkeley Alt-Right "Free Speech" Rally - April 2017

Berkeley, CA became one of the biggest hotspots for violent clashes throughout 2017. In April, a "free speech" rally drew growing neo-fascist groups like the Proud Boys. The rally was met by groups of counter-protesters, including Antifa.

Unite the Right Rally - August 2017

The violent "Unite the Right" rally left the nation in shock after numerous hate groups and alt-right figures converged on Charlottesville, VA to protest calls to remove a statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee in Emancipation Park. Fights broke out between rally attendees and counter-protesters causing multiple injuries while law enforcement refused to step in. When police finally decided to clear the park, officers in riot gear clashed with members of the hate groups. As counter-protesters moved away from the area, neo-Nazi James Fields drove his car into the crowd, injuring many and killing local protester Heather Heyer. In November 2021, organizers of the rally, including Richard Spencer and Jason Kessler, were fined $26 million in damages.

White Lives Matter Rally - October 2017

Just two months after the deadly Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, many of the same hate groups rallied in Shelbyville, TN. The groups present included the National Socialist Movement, League of the South, and the Traditionalist Workers Party.

Newnan Neo-Nazi Rally - April 2018

In April 2018, hate groups National Socialist Movement and League of the South held a rally in Newnan, GA in celebration of Adolf Hitler's birthday. The groups were met with a large counter-protest made up of residents and anti-fascist activists. Ten anti-fascist activists were arrested.

Portland Alt-Right Rally - August 2018

Another hotbed of violent street clashes is Portland, OR. These alt-right rallies drew large crowds and groups like the Proud Boys, Patriot Prayer, III%s, and more with the purpose of recruiting more members and instigating violence with anti-fascist counter-protesters.