Gilets Jaunes - Yellow vests

2018 - 2019

In response to the French Government increasing the tax on petroleum in 2018, motorists began to protest wearing the signature reflective vest which are required by law to be kept in vehicles for emergency situations. Although the fuel tax hike was shelved, the protests evolved to confront issues of rising economic inequality, climate inaction, and discontent for the political system. More photos coming soon.

Yellow Vests Clash with Police on 50th Week of Continuous Protests

October 2019

What started in November last year with a tax increase on gasoline spiraled into a larger protest with various demands. After nearly a year, many of the same people still march in the streets against the French government.

25 WEEKS of Yellow Vest Protests, What Do They Want?

May 2019

France’s yellow vest movement unites people across the political spectrum for a single cause. But what do they want?

May Day RIOTS Erupt in Paris

May 2019

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